SMaRT Women®

at the wheel and in control.

About SMaRT Women®

Run by SMaRT® garage services, SMaRT Women® is a unique training course, run by women for women, that aims to empower women by enabling them to undertake a range of basic safety checks and routine car maintenance tasks. The course covers how to save money, ensure your car is safe and reduce your car’s impact on the environment.

What do you learn

The course is centered on the MOT routine, maintenance and safety checks on your vehicle

Course details

SMaRT Women® courses take approximately 1 hour and the courses are held at our women friendly SMaRT garage services in Woolwich.

Benefits of doing SMaRT Women®

Keep safe

Save money

Reduce your carbon footprint

Help people with disadvantages from your local community.

The cost

The course costs £25 per person. We accept group bookings also. For that £25 you do the full course but you also receive a £25 voucher that can be spent at any of our SMaRT® garage services.

How to book

To book onto a SMaRT Women® course please contact: